As a portrait photographer I like to always keep it exciting by creating images that not typical. Portraits that were sort of over the top. Kids in to characters. Portraits made in to editorial commercial art. All were the ingredients to creating the Trailer Kids series of portraits I recently did using my small Shasta Airflyte travel trailer doorway as the scene and photographed the portraits all with a fisheye lens effect.

We had the kids parents bring the most over the top and or non kid things they could think of with a clothing selection of their brightest and craziest clothes. We used props that were over the top as well. All of this finished off with the film frame edge on the images is what made up the slightly over the top Trailer Kids series of images.

The kids had tons of fun playing dress up and creating a mix and match of clothing and props that only kids could do. The goal was very few smiles to really help give the images mood. Asking a kid to come hand out in a trailer and play dress up and grabe some wild props while not smiling turned out to be the challenge for me. They were all full of animation and smiles so a few of them made it to the final favorites.

I long to create portraits that are not the norm, that are more conceptually thought out to make them dramatically different and pieces of art. If  you would like to sit down and see how far we can stretch your idea through my mind and play it out on your kids portraits then just give me a call. I also have plenty of ideas on the back burner as well just waiting to be created. Portraits that are really fun and that you will most likely not see at your friends house is what I strive to do for you. Just give me a call and lets get started.

01 portrait photographer girl in orange02 portrait photographer boy with beer03 portrait photographer girl in tutu04 portrait photographer boy with horns05 portrait photographer girl with icecream scoup06 portrait photographer girl with puppy07 portrait photographer boy stretching08 portrait photographer girl with lunch box09 portrait photographer boy with hat10 portrait photographer girl with dish gloves