I have known the Heath couple as I did their wedding a few years back.  Now, I was the lucky one able to do their Phoenix portrait photography this time. However, since the wedding there has been a addition to the Heath family, and it was time to capture this bright and shining face.

Jason and Jill looked as happy as newlyweds, and I think they felt that way as I was taking their photos with their beautiful offspring! It is hard to capture in words the exuberance that pours out of little Sidney. They really do mean it when they say eyes are the windows to the soul.  Sidney’s pure and happy eyes capture her silly, curious nature. We decided since Sidney is so young and to make the photos more personal and close to home so we decided to have the photo session in their home and the backyard.

Some of my favorite candids came from Sidney and a few of the chickens in the backyard exchanging “clucks” with one another.  It was adorable to see her playing with the animals.  She was brave and fearless!   Since It was such a gorgeous mid November day, we decided to stroll around the neighborhood to see if any neighbors had colorful trees or props to display the rich colors of the fall season during this time of year.

It was our lucky day because their neighbors had the most perfect wood swing, and a plethora of  luscious colored yellow and red leaved trees to complement  the portraits. During some of the last shots, something very exciting happened!  Of course after organizing the family along with Dexter the family dog who sat on top of the couch keeping close watch on Sidney, she decided she would take a few of her first steps!  This made for a very exciting moment. These are the moments that cannot be replaced by any other profession. You really cannot put a price tag on witnessing a daughters first steps alongside her parents.phoenix portrait photography girl in airphoenix portrait photography family on grassphoenix portrait photography girl hugging parentsphoenix portrait photography fall familyphoenix portrait photography mom daughter on swingphoenix portrait photography dad daughter on shouldersphoenix portrait photography girl with roosterphoenix portrait photography family on swing