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I think the best studio portraits are always done with dramatic lighting and look best in sepia. I suggest these to all of my pregnancy portraits, infant portraits up to about age one, and as often as I can when anyone wants to do studio portraits. I think doing other ones at the same time in environmental settings mostly in and around your home are a great idea as well. But, when it comes to studio sepia on black are my all time favorites.

Of all the Phoenix portrait photographers I suggest you check these and my web site out here. And, I have done a lot, lot, of portraits in my day. The exposed skin and faces really stand out against the black and the sepia just makes the overall image look classic and timeless.

I did these portraits of the older kids at the Scottsdale Mud Mania a couple years back. The event is a series of obstacle courses the kids have to go through and was originally sponsored by Shout detergent. I guess our Arizona mud proved to be a little tough and could not be shouted out and the dropped their sponsorship soon after. The 2012 event in June will be the 37th annual Scottsdale Mud Mania. These were done in the parking lot outside the event with no powered lighting equipment and the background and lighting methods were all done with black and what cards right in the middle of the high noon sun that on it’s own would make for terrible lighting. But, these came out great and are some of my all time favorites. I asked about 75 parents on their way into the course if they could bring their kids back by for me to photograph before they went through the spray down clean up station and they did. Then, I asked each kid to make as many crazy faces for me as they could think up.

I have always loved doing portraits of women covered in body paint or mud as well and have done pretty many of them and they never get old. Something about the rawness of the look it gives people really lends to bringing out or possibly even hiding their normal personality. I’m thinking of going out there again this year to brave the heat and hang out in the parking lot again, so get ahold of me soon if you plan on going and would like some portraits of your muddy kids.

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