Hanlon Family Portraits

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Fall time in Arizona is certainly the time of year for family portraits. It is the rare time of year that the trees leaves quickly change and the weather is cool enough to spend a couple hours outside shooting portraits in various locations without people melting. Often as kids get older and go away to school it is the only time when the family gets back together for a week or two. So, it is a great time to do some portraits to spice up your walls and picture frames with some fresh looks and attitudes to enjoy throughout the year.

Portraits have come so far the past generation or two as far as being creative and a far cry from the typical older school Olin Mills and such type common portraits. The Hanlon family had not done many portraits in the past so we started off with a little more common settings just to get the basics covered before getting to creative with them. It is good to get to know all the family members a bit and get to know their personalities too.

So I would consider this a pretty conservative set of initial pictures for the Hanlon family but we will keep adding a little more and more different and more modern type portraits in each shoot each year and within another year or two not only will we will get them to do more creative types of images but I’l bet  they will be coming to me with their own ideas and versions of doing more different types of portraits.

It’s a fun evolution working with families, watching them grow and bringing out their personalities in more and more creative and fun family portrait imagery that they will then get to enjoy year round on the walls and in the frames around their homes. I love being this type of a contributor to families and the look and feel of images they display in their homes.

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