Great textures, colors, and the oldness of downtown is what makes senior portraits photography different and cool now a days. That bit of an edge you feel when going places you normally would not think of going is what makes these locations cool. Not in a park, near a fountain, or with flowers, but bright brilliant colors spray painted on 50 plus year old weathered textured brick walls is where it’s at.

Sure we do a few locations in our senior portrait sessions so grandma and grandpa can feel good about putting a picture of their grandkids up in their homes. But, even though the seniors are not paying the bill for their senior portrait shoots, they are ultimately the ones that have to love them and not be embarrassed by them. They have to like their own images enough to really want to put them up as their profile pictures on Facebook.

We always cater to the personality of each person but more and more of the younger people I show downtown samples to want to have great senior portraits photography done downtown. A handful of shirt and shoe changes is all most seniors need or want for their portrait session and we’re off looking for new graffiti wall locations all over downtown driving up alleys and down train tracks. What’s old and odd is whats new and cool when it comes to senior portraits.

01 senior portraits photography wall clock02 senior portraits photography pink wall03 senior portraits photography orange wall04 senior portraits photography graffiti wall sitting05 senior portraits photography brick wall06 senior portraits photography stair case07 senior portraits photography graffiti wall standing