Fun Cornwell Family Portrait Photography

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This is the second time I got to do family portrait photography of Carter and Mace of the Cornwell family and of course now that they knew me a bit and remembered me they were more comfortable with my photographing them. I also know their personalities better and could better bring them out in the images of them. So even if you can not afford or do not want to do family portraits every year then maybe every other year is good enough at least with the same photographer so everyone can evolve a bit together.

I have my spots that I know work for good pictures but always will ask the kids for their ideas because they always have them and sometimes they are really good. This really helps me as a photographer to continue to be open and change things up.

Letting one over another take the front position and spot light in a image can always be cool and make for a very telling picture. And the same with the parents and having them either take the front or the back of an image can be cool. In my shoots I usually try to achieve all of this along with the very comfortable dog pile of everyone together posed how ever they want.

This time we brought along a bunch of paint and a background so I could do some studio type images while we were on location. You would be surprised how hesitant kids can sometimes be at such a young age about looking silly but I think it is really good for them if they are ok with it early on in life and think it can make them better people. As the kids cringed at first when the parents started painting them I assured them that not only did they look cool but they should start thinking of all the silly faces they could make for me in a few minutes and that got them thinking and relaxed a bit more. When I told them next that they were going to be able to paint their parents faces any way they wanted they were 100{84fbde12c1c604a6ba090750bed5b39b2db7312a4ed8f5d099e53eaff69dae28} in and all mine. And, this is the point I think where the parents started to feel a little surprised as they continued to paint the kids faces.

They all did it though and it will make a great series even if they each just pick their one favorite image and they are all lined up on a wall or down a hall. Not your average family portraits and surely to get comments from every visitor when over at their home and that is my goal. The more creative stuff like this can not be done the first time I photograph a family as well as it can after we all get to work together a bit. So now we have raised the bar for the Cornwell family portraits and who knows what me and the kids will come up with next time.

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