Fall Family Portraits Of Chrissy & Chloe

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There is nothing better than doing family portraits for friends and getting to watch their kids growing up each year. There is also nothing better than real smiles with kids that you have a history and connection with.

Fall in Arizona is definitely the best time of year for family portraits. The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing. I suggest between Halloween and Thanksgiving as the sweet spot to do them because you then have time to pick your favorites, create a digital or printed holiday card, and print and frame your favorites for gifts for parents, grandparents, and family members.

I have been lucky enough to photography Chloe once or twice a year since she was just a few months old. I have other clients who I have been able to do the same for who’s kids are now needing senior portraits and even a couple have called on me to photograph their weddings. It is incredibly rewarding to be the one who has been there and created most of the family milestone images of kids growing up.

I like to meet with people first and go over what is significant to them as far as things, places, or activities that might make for the best meaningful pictures for them for the year. In this case we decided to shoot at Chrissy and Chloe’s new home. It is actually the fourth home for them since they have lived here but the first one I think they could really call their own home. So, we did all these pictures at home which is a great way to go. The kids feel most comfortable and most any and all props or things we might need to contribute to the shoot are right there.

Going on fun locations is always great too but I think some home portraits should always be some of the first to do for a family. These ten images are just some of my favorites from the shoot which consisted of probably 300 final images after editing. They were all done in just an hour or two. I like converting some to sepia which I feel looks great in black frames.

I think fall family portraits is one of the best investments you can make as it is something that you can share and give to others while being able to always keep it for yourself and kids futures as well.

I love photographing all kids because it is almost imposible to be anywhere in your head but in the moment with them. I will say Chloe is one of my all time favorites and I hope to be able to continue to create many more great photographs of her as she grows.



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