Of all the Scottsdale photographers I received a phone call from Tim Furrier, owner of Desert Rat asking me to shoot a poster he was helping sponsor and put together for the annual CVS toy drive. Being a top quality photographer, I was glad to take on this new photo opportunity. I knew the kids would respond well to me, because I am fun to work with and enjoy to make each shoot unique and personal.

This particular image was taken on a beautiful sunny day at the Shea/Gold Dust location in Scottsdale, Arizona. The poster can be seen valley wide at 125 CVS Pharmacy’s in Maricopa County, Arizona. In all my 20+ years of being a professional photographer, this was the first time the Police Department assisted me with setting up for the shoot. In anticipation of the arrival of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the police blocked off the parking lot while we arranged the kids with the toys and presents.

This was a fun shoot and it brought a smile to my face seeing how excited the kids were to be getting their pictures taken along side Santa Claus and the local Sheriff.  I am always glad to donate to charities and especially kids in need.

Youths Assistance Foundation

Desert Rat 

Fiesta Bowl

Sleep America