I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to continually re-connect with Paul and Leslie who’s wedding I shot a few years back.  They loved my wedding and portrait photography so much that they have done a couple family sessions with me since their wedding. I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to shoot them with their two adorable children.

Children always bring laughter and smiles to a photo shoot.  Some of my best photography and most candid shots have been when a child has done something random or offbeat that makes everyone just crack up! The Barron family was also cashing in on the all inclusive portrait session they won this past summer when I held “The Cutest Kids Contest”.  From time to time I like to hold contests and award winners with photo packages.  It is a great way for me to display my passion and love for the art, as well as give back to the people who have supported me through my journey as a professional photographer.

We shot this photography session close to the Barron family’s house for ease of outfit changes for the kids. Typically I would not suggest to wear super bright colors, busy patterns, or logos for portraits.  Earth tones usually come across and blend best. Greens, grays, blues, browns, purples, or darker yellows and darker reds I think look best. However, the Barron family’s vibrant colors worked perfect against the bland rocky desert.

We had a really fun day shooting.  The kids definitely proved to live up to their title ” Cutest Kids.” Ella was a sassy little thing, jutting her hip out to the side when I was photographing her like a little model.  Logan on the other hand, with his gleaming blue eyes was making funny faces and just being the silly little boy that he is.  I love that child like wonder.  It reminds me of the days when I was young with no worries. I love to try and capture that essence of what it is like to be a kid again. It is a special time in our lives and one that deserves to be captured…The priceless moments. wedding_and_portrait_photography_family_walking_down_hillwedding_and_portrait_photography_siblings_metal_rock_cage_wall_horizontalwedding_and_portrait_photography_family_on_hillwedding_and_portrait_photography_siblings_cactus_winter_jacketswedding_and_portrait_photography_family_sitting_on_rockswedding_and_portrait_photography_family_metal_rock_cage_wall